Whole Body Vibration

Degenerative disease and accelerated aging have all been attributed to insufficient cellular stimulation. As living cells struggle with poor nutrition, low oxygen levels, environmental toxins, and stagnation of lymphatic fluids, disease conditions develop and accelerate aging. The solution has arrived in the form of a low impact, vertical, Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machine. 


Change your life, change your health, 10 minutes at a time!



In less than 15 minutes the Whole Body Vibration machine can help you:

*Burn Calories ( about 250 in 10 mins)
*Improve Circulation
*Increase Core Strength
*Gain Energy and Endurance
*Speed Up Recovery (reduce lactic acid)
*Develop Better Balance and Coordination
*Enhance Flexibility
*Reduce Pain & Stiffness
*Alleviate Stress by Decreasing Unsafe Cortisol Levels
*Eliminate Cellulite

*Stimulate Lympathic System
*Improve Overall Health and Well Being


  • Come in and try 3 sessions for free!

  • $50 a month Mon-Sat Everyday

  • Single Session $7

The WBV accelerates the body's natural healing response by increasing cellular oxygen, enhancing cellular nutrient uptake, stimulating cellular fluid movement, and facilitating cellular waste removal. As a result, the new cells are more resilient, vibrant, and function together more cohesively as a healthier, longer lasting body. No matter how young or old you are and irrespective of your level of fitness or health, the WBV offers individual therapeutic and exercise opportunities for everyone. The whole body or a part of the body can be stimulated and trained.

How It  Works:

When a muscle fiber is stretched, it will contract by reflex. By standing on the WBV machine, pure vertical vibration is transmitted throughout the whole body. This causes thousands of muscle contractions which increases muscle tone. The movement of the vibration plate stimulates the body to respond with a strong involuntary muscle contraction similar to when your doctor taps on your knee with a reflex hammer.

Usage consists of standing upright on the WBV machine platform. It produces low impact, true vertical vibrations from 1 Hz to 70 Hz with variation of amplitude from 0 to 100. Vertical vibrations are transferred through the body, stimulating all areas: cells, blood vessels, organs, muscles, etc.


The whole-body vibration platform is the newest leading edge technology that goes beyond the standard mechanical vibration machines and implements the technology of sound.

This provides an improved vibration throughout the entire body where you can specify not only the speed of the vibration (Hz), but also the amplitude of each wave.

Effects On The Body:

Muscles: The effect of vibration results in what scientific literature calls 'Tonic Vibration Reflex' or 'TVR'. That is a repeated myotatic reflex or stretch reflex. This means that the vibrated muscle has to work very hard, while the subject or player using the Evolution® does nothing other than balance on the platform. The effect per pulsation is like that of the knee jerk reflex. This muscle activity can be measured by use of electromyography (EMG). With vibration training on the Evolution™ the muscles work at 200 to 300% of this IRM activation. This is an ideal way to train, especially when the muscle does not function properly, for example with weakened muscles in the elderly, or after injuries.

Hormones: Research shows that after just one session of vibration training there is a high excretion of Testosterone and Growth Hormone. There is also a drop in the stress hormone cortisol. This combination has favorable effects on muscle protein synthesis. The effect of vibration training on hormones has shown the following, an increase in testosterone of more than 7%. Human Grown Hormone showed an increase of more than 460% and Cortisol was reduced by 32%. (Source: Bosco et al 2000) Increases in Testosterone and Growth Hormone are important in the functioning of both body and mind. Many complaints of the elderly can be traced to a decrease in these hormones. It is essentially these hormones, together with the female hormone estrogen, which are used to combat geriatric complaints so that it is possible to still enjoy life and vitality even when one has reached old age.

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