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Summer can bring a glow to the skin so you might say bring it on, however, not all skin’s benefit from the season of summer, with our summer series and summer home care regimens is to reduce the risk of sun damage and pigmentation by increasing Antioxidants and SPF as well as using products that slow down the melanocyte activity. For oil production and acne, we strive to offer purifying treatments and lightweight hydration that help balance oil production. With awareness and some simple steps, summer skin can be saved!

They can be 100% customized for your needs and sensitivities. 


Our focus for this season is to prevent and protect. 

Summer Skincation Series $165

Summertime brings the anticipation of sunny days and relaxing vacations but can also cause a lot of damage to the skin! This series prevents damage and gives you healthier skin as you move through the summer season!

These facials are designed to exfoliate, nourish, and restore summer-depleted skin.


Flower Essence /Light Fusion Facial 

Take a moment to stop and smell the flowers as you enjoy a through the Garden of Versailles. Immerse skin in the botanical essence of daisy, hibiscus, and rose hip while infusing it with antioxidants, healing vitamins and hydration for the ultimate glow.

Chateau Vino/ microdermabrasion Facial 

Skin enjoys an antioxidant-rich sip of the finest wine at the Lavaux Vineyard in the Swiss Alps. Have skin "buzzing' from the beautiful essence of luxurious grapes that will firm and tone, provide antioxidant support and smooth fine lines with luminous results.
Firming, Anti-aging, brightening - All skin types, all conditions.

Oceanic Oasis Corrective Facial 

Dip your toes in the waters of Santorini, Greece to instantly refresh during these warm months. Submerge skin in stem cells, oceanic ingredients and cooling  sensations to leave it feeling soothed, hydrated, and healed from 


FREE Rhonda Allison Blushed Wine Gel Antioxidant Moisturizer

Vineyard Grape Facial $60

This enzyme only facial uses real Grapes to provide noticeable benefits that slow down the signs of aging with a superior blend of active grape seed extracts, resveratrol, vitamins, milk acids, red fruit rich in antioxidant support and nutrient building ingredients that will improve the effects of free radical damage.The grape seed mask is like warm silk on the skin, while grape-seed serum hydrates and repairs deep.
Anti-Aging, Hydrating- All skin types, All conditions

Coconut & watermelon Crush $60

This summer classic is the perfect facial treat! Gentle enzymes of coconut & papaya gently exfoliate damaged summer skin. Watermelon Extract, a powerful antioxidant in Vitamin C, helps protect and nourish skin. Massage with Coconut Oil nourishes, moisturizes, added Aloe helps soothe, calm, protect and hydrate skin. Rich vanilla hydrating mask to top it off!

All skin types, All Conditions.

Cherry Jubilee Facial $60

Fresh, sweet, juicy, red cherries reminds us of summer visits to farmer’s markets Cherry fruit puree promotes nourishment and luminosity for the skin. Cherry Enzyme contains lightening ingredients of mandelic acid, lactic acid, kojic, and arbutin. Rosemary basil mask detoxes, firms and improves tone. Therapy E serum possesses anti-viral/fungal/bacterial properties. 
Anti-Aging, Brightening, Acne, Oily Skin Types - All Skin Types.All Conditions

Maui Glow Facial $60

Bringing the natural scents of a tropical paradise into the treatment room with the help of papaya and pineapple. This potent gommage/peel works to gently purify, soften and clarify the skin with a combination of Lactic acid, bromelain, and pineapple extracts. With a high dose of vitamins, antioxidants, natural steroids and skin brighteners the Maui Glow with leave the skin buttery smooth, radiant and soft to the touch. A great facial for most skin types. 
Anti-aging, Brightening, Rough texture, Large pores. All skin types, all conditions, except; Highly Sensitive, Thin or Rosacea skin types

12 Flower Facial $60

Vibrant skin blooms with this 12-flower facial! But don’t let the flowers fools you - this ultra-hydrating treatment merges the strength of flower acids for moisturizing and brightening benefits with vital nutrients and powerful antioxidant support for pro-youth results that will leave the skin radiant and glowing.
Anti-Aging, Brightening, Firming, Balance oil production, antioxidant support. All skin types, all conditions.

 Green Restoration Facial $60

Amazing deep tissue facial that smooths, softens, clarifies and restores skin using Green tea, green papaya, green enzymes, green Italian herbs, green clay and green rosemary basil. Many skin types will benefit from the enzymatic exfoliations and purifying and stimulating masks, reducing oil, blemishes, rough texture, sensitivities, dehydration and dull complexion.
Acne, Acne with oily, Large pores, Thick skin, - All skin types, all conditions.

Raspberry & Peach Facial $60
Raspberry Peach Enzyme is packed with antioxidants for an anti-aging facial for all skin types. It only fruit enzymes, with no acids added, and it can be used on anyone! Raspberry soothes skin irritations and provides anti-inflammatory benefits. Peach softens the skin and is aromatically relaxing, and hibiscus flower and pumpkin add the exfoliating properties to this enzyme. Finished with whipped peaches & cream body butter. Best summer intro ever!
All skin types, All Conditions.

​Facial Extraordinaire $60

Relax the body and refresh the spirit with an extraordinary​ treatment that will sooth, rejuvenate and nourish the skin with incredible hot & cold sensations and euphoric warm and bright aromas of cherry and spice. It is the magic of hands, superior products, and ambiance that set the tone for an amazing facial, making it an experience. One of Allure Magazines best spa facials for a reason. Bath yourself in luxury indulgence.

An excellent relaxing experience for yourself Or the perfect G.C for a loved one!

Anti-Aging Brightening, Firming, All skin types, All conditions.

Eucalyptus & Honey Facial $60

Eucalyptus oil in this enzyme relaxes away tension from the day, but the real benefits come from The ingredients jam-packed in the enzyme. They increase cell renewal, barrier function, and reduce redness leaving the skin exfoliated and soft. Next, treat the skin with the humectant-rich Golden Honey Nourishing Mask with Sunflower Oil, Royal jelly and Allantoin to boost the skin’s moisture leaving a hydrated smooth surface. Honey is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Allantoin and panthenol improve the skin’s natural protective barrier and provide significant hydration. These facial treats the senses yet leaves the skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.

Anti-aging, soothing, hydrating, All skin types, All conditions

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