Online Booking

How to book and cancel an appointment:


You can book an appotinment online with Azure via Home page of our website or Facebook Page   

You DO NOT have to create an account to book online.

You DO have to make an account if you would like to Cancel your appointments online or view previous appointments or retail purchases.

  1. Sign up

  2. Create a account

  3. Select how many guests are coming in.

  4. Select what service you are booking.

  5. Select which skincare therapist you want to see.

  6. Select what day and what time you would like to come in.

  7. You can select to have an email or text sent to you as a reminder.

  8. If the day and time are available it will let you confirm that those dates and times are good.  If they aren’t available you will be asked if you want to be put on the waitlist.  You can accept that or look for another day. 


To cancel your online booking:

  1.  Go to Or your saved Booking Link

  2. Log into your account

  3. Go to the appointments tab

  4. You will see your appointment come up

  5. You will be given the options to: View, Confirm, Book again, or Cancel your appointment

  6. Select cancel. The website will ask you if you are sure.  Select yes.

  7. You are now cancelled.

  8. Once you have cancelled an apt online your are covered.


If you have any troubles or can’t find what you are looking for on our site always feel free to call, Facebook Message or email us:

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