SudaTonic Infrared Slimming Treatment

What Is Infrared Heat?
 Infrared ray energy is part of the natural light spectrum of sunlight, without the skin damaging UV rays. It's produced naturally only by the sun, and the human body.

Infrared has the ability to penetrate, refract & radiate. The human body absorbs Infrared (Far) because of its abilty to penetrate through muscle, bone & subcutaneous tissue where it is transformed by the body from light energy to heat energy.

How It Works To Help You Lose Weight & Body Fat


​​The thermal effect within the deep layers of tissue causes blood vessels in capillaries to dilate, promoting better blood circulation, and the heat produced helps to get rid of body toxins and metabolic wastes through sweating. This dilation of vascular and peripheral blood vessels, brings oxygen to joints and extremities, relaxing stiff muscles which helps to speed the healing of sprains and strains.The increased blood flow enables aching and injured muscles to recover faster along with the added benefit of aiding metabolic and toxic waste to be purged from the body through the skin during perspiration- greatly reducing the appearance of cellulite.

What makes the SudaTonic Infrared System so effective is that in conjunction to the wonderful benefits of Far we also apply 2 special creams before the wrap to aid in weight loss and overall body fat reduction. 


SudaTone Cream # 1 ~ Detox & Cleanse Formula - Whole Body Barrier Cream. This cream formulation provides the necessary barrier layer that stimulates fat cells to release fatty acids under the influence of far-infrared heat.We apply this cream to the whole body to promote a significantly higher calorie burn than without.


SudaTone Cream # 2 ~ Cellulite Reduction Formula - Targeted Area Cream Contains a high concentration of essential oils known for their action in lymph drainage along with elimination of fat toxins and other metabolic waste. Not applied to the entire body. We use Cream No. 2 only on targeted problem areas to reinforce the action of SudaTonic™ Cream No. 1 on Tummy, Butt, Thigh,  Etc.





3 Sessions $165

6 Sessions $330

10 sessions $500



  • Reduce the Effects of Stress & Fight Fatigue
  • Removes Wastes & Toxins
  • Improves Immune System
  • Strengthen Cardiovascular System
  • Relieve Pain & Joint Stiffness
  • Burns Calories (about 1,000 + )
  • Helps Control Weight & push through weight loss plateaus
  • Reduce Appearance of & Fight Formation of Cellulite
  • Reduce Fluid Retention
  • Relieve Pain From; Lactic Acid Build-up,  Arthritis & Auto-Immune Symptoms

Treatment Guidelines:

* You may bring a sports bra and panties or you may go in the nude, or we will provide "spa" panties for you, and cover your chest. Men must bring swim shorts, boxers or basketball shorts for the service. Do remember to bring something dry to change into. Do not bring swim suits for the slimming service; the creams cause the color to fade on some brands, staining the towels. If it’s an older suit you may opt to use it, and we will use dark colored towels.


* Eat a good meal 1 hour before your treatment, consisting of low fat, protein, vegetables or fruit and low sugar carbohydrates. At least 250 calories! You can't demand energy for change from your body if it isn't fueled properly!


* Drink plenty of water daily. Start drinking water a few days prior to your treatment to ensure proper hydration. We recommend 1 quart per 50lbs of body weight. OR 80 oz. of plain water. DO NOT CONSUME SODA OR COFFEE RIGHT BEFORE YOUR TREATMENT


*Avoid eating for 2 hours after your treatment to get optimum results. You will be able to sip water during those hours. If you must eat ex: You have done your treatment later in the evening and need to eat dinner. Go ahead and eat something small like salad, eggs or a protein bar with a large glass of water to tide you over until the proper time has passed, then eat another small low fat meal.


* For more maximum results include cardio workouts and some weight lifting if available into your week. Cut back on sugar, white flour and watch your portion size. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetable and lean meats. And you can never have too much water!


* If you don't have gym access or time to work out, check out our Whole Body Vibration. This 10-16 minutes service burns around 290 calories in 10mins, reduces cortisol, increases lean muscle mass, increases bone density, reduces cellulite, and more. This can be done before or after your wrap treatment to speed up results.



The  Treatment  Process

1) Prepare for this service by drinking at least 64oz of water that day, or the night before.

2) You will be asked to use the restroom, and weigh yourself in the bathrobe provided

3) You will be taken back to the treatment room, your BMI will be taken before your session. (in a pack of 3 or more)

4) Your technician will leave, and you will laydown on the Far bed, cover yourself with the towels & disposable panties provided Or your own garments from home. 

5) Your techician will apply creams #1 all over your whole body and cream #2 in the target areas.You will be wrapped loosely in a very large plastic sheet and Far blanket, except your head & shoulders, 

6) A fan will be turned on towards your face after a few mins, this makes the whole heat service a lot nicer! This keeps your face cool and hair cool.

7) Music will be turned on, OR you may opt to bring your own, IPad, tablet or other music device.

8) Your service will be timed 60 -65mins.

9) When you are done, your tech will release you from your blankets, give you a dry towel and have you put on the robe again, you will be asked to use the restroom again, as well as weigh yourself again. 

10) You will be allowed to get dressed and be given a bottle of water.

11) Your BMI will be taken again. This not only shows water weight loss, but also Body Fat Percentage change, this is how we see how many calories were burned for you in your 60 min session.

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