Protect your Must-have Makeup Brushes

Essential mineral makeup brushes made with the finest fibers. Clean your brushes for effortless application and gorgeous results.

How to clean your makeup brushes

Why clean your makeup brushes? There are 3 big reasons for doing so.

  1. Cleaning your makeup brushes improves performance.

  2. Cleaning your makeup brushes prevents bacteria, oil buildup and transfer.

  3. Cleaning them will extend the life of your makeup brushes.Brushes are a big investment, so we should be doing our best to protect them.

Optimally, we should wash our brushes once a month.

Here are the steps of how to clean your makeup brushes.

  1. Use warm water to saturate the brush hairs only. Be sure not to soak your brush as this will ruin it.

  2. Place a pea-sized amount of Truly Pure Shampoo & Conditioner, or any mild shampoo, into the palm of your hand and massage the cleanser into the hair. Do this until the cleanser has been completely dispersed among the brush hairs.

  3. Rinse the brush thoroughly until the water runs clear.

  4. Repeat as necessary.

  5. Create a ring with your index finger and thumb and pull the brush through the fingers while applying gentle pressure to remove excess water and maintain the brushes shape.

  6. ace on a towel and lay flat to dry. Never dry your brush in an upright position as this will loosen the glue that binds the brushes and lead to hair loss.


Azure Aesthetics will gladly clean your Jane Iredale Brushes for you at any appointment! Simply bring in your Jane brushes and we will have them ready to go by the time you leave, no charge!

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