Corrective Facials

We offer deep cleansing, corrective facials- these are designed to offer significant results in as little as one facials, however, packages can be made if working on aggressive skin conditions. 


We use Rhonda Allison and 302 Skin Care - natural and organic products combine with cutting-edge technologies to bring you highly effective treatments. After a detailed analysis, your treatment will be customized to your needs to keep your skin looking its best. Whether you’d like to learn more about how to care for your skin during your treatment, or just rest quietly, we’re here to assist you in making it a special experience.  

 These facials include - Cleansing, Enzyme or acid application, serums, eye & lip treatment, extractions, massage, mask and finishing serums,  SPF and the use of Ultrasound cleansing & High Frequency as needed.

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Corrective Facial $60

Don’t know exactly what type of facial treatment you need? Or don’t see what you’re after? Book this service and we will do a skin consult before your service to best select the Corrective treatment or create a new treatment that is best for you.

All skin types, All Conditions.

Anti-Aging Facial $60

For all those pesky aging problems! 

Lighten and brighten skin while infusing it with potent age-reducing antioxidants. Experience the rejuvenating benefits of collagen-boosting peptides while giving skin an important dose of vitamins C, A and B - essential proteins. Skin will simply glow with new found youth.

Anti-aging, Brightening, Firming, Smoothing

All skin types, all conditions. 

Advanced Skin Care Facials:

Ultra Bright Facial $60

This therapeutic treatment begins the process of eliminating stubborn hyperpigmentation. You will love the moist, dewy feel of your skin as the potent pigment reducing enzyme and mask immediately brightens skin tone for a beautiful complexion.
Anti-Aging, Brightening, Pigmentation issues, Dull Skin.               
All Skin Types, All Conditions.

 Moisture Bliss Facial $60

Dive in for maximum moisture. Dry lifeless skin will be transformed as its bathed in essential hydration. with benefits of pure milk protein, essential oils and wine extracts, skin will look supple and refreshed for a dewy, buoyant, youthful appearance. 

 Hyper-Sensitive, Sunburned Skin, Dry Flaking Skin. Relieves red , Anti-Aging. All Skin Types, All Conditions

Sensitive Skin Facial $60

Got milk? Our milk bath facial immerses skin in the creamy, soothing, essence of milk to plump, hydrate and nourishes dry, depleted skin. with essential vitamins, oils and protein enriched cream, this calming, luxurious experience will quickly become one of your favorite facials.

Sensitive skin, Anti-Aging, Hydrating, Calming. Sensitive/Rosacea with acne skin types.

All skin types all conditions.

Acne Remedies Facial $60

Deep enzymatic action combined with fruit acids support problem skin - a clear complexion is our goal. Ultrasound boosts cleansing, careful extractions, High-frequency treatment and purifying antibacterial mask assist in skin looking blemish-free and healthier.

Adult Acne, Acne/Oily, Large Pores, Oily/Combo Skin Types. All skin types, all conditions.

Couple's Facials $110

We can do couples facials! For you & your friend, mother, daughter, sister, brother or spouse can lay side by side and indulge together. whether you want peaceful and quiet or just need a quiet place to catch up, we have got you covered.

1 Hour 45 Mins 

Extractions Only $50

60 Mins ~ Includes ultrasound cleanse, Steam & Extractions, Moisturizer- Perfect For When Black Head Removal Is all You Really Need.

Blackhead and milia removal. All Skin Types, All conditions

 Back Treatment $50

45 -60 mins - Get your back cleared up & looking great this year with a back treatment. Just like a facial, we will cleanse, exfoliate, do any extractions, mask and moisturize. Often used to clear up acne, we also can help even out pigmentation and smooth scars with a treatment protocol. 

Acne, Dry/Dull Skin, Pigmentation Issues.

All Skin Types.All Conditions- No massage.


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